Workshop & Track Day Mechanical Services

From our base at Donington Park Circuit we have been running a busy workshop since September 2011, specialising in repair and maintenance of Caterham 7's, for both road and track. Following our acquisition by LNT Automotive (Ginetta) in December 2018, we are no longer operating as an official Caterham Dealer. However, we have maintained our relationship with Caterham cars to provide maintenance and repair of road, track and race cars. This includes a supply of official parts, post build checks and warranty work.

Our workshop is now being run by Simon Briggs, who like our General Manager Greg Smith, had many years of service at Caterham Midlands. Simon and his team of retail and events mechanics have many years of experience looking after road, track and race cars. As part of our link with our sister company, our mechanical team will be receiving some in depth training at the Ginetta factory so the workshop can support customers with Ginettas.

If you require further information on the services we provide or would like to book your car into the workshop, please email us at


With our workshop located at Donington Park, just a few feet away from our showroom and the main paddock, we have the ideal location and experience to offer our services for your road, track or race car. From this central and prestigious location, our trained technicians are always on hand to deliver a high quality platform of care, including:

• Regular full service and maintenance (including track day prep)
• Caterham 7 warranty work
• Race and road car set-up
• Parts sales - Caterham and Ginetta
• Tyre changing facilities
• Caterham kit builds, post build checks, IVA prepare and presentation
• Crash repair including insurance work

Should you need your car transporting to us for any of the above services, we have the facility to collect from a BookaTrack track day or a third party day. We are also happy to quote for transportation to and from our workshop from a location not listed on our events calendar.

Our workshop labour rate is £72 (inclusive of VAT), with discounted rates available for Platinum Members. All Caterham and Ginetta parts are charged as per the official Caterham and Ginetta parts website.

Parts Sales

The workshop can supply a wide range of official Caterham and Ginetta parts here at Donington Park, for customers who look after their own vehicles. Prices of parts can be found on the Caterham and Ginetta parts websites and can be collected from us during working hours. If you require shipping of parts please enquire for pricing.

Although we aim to stock a wide variety of parts please always enquire if you are planning on collecting parts from us as they may take a few days to be shipped from suppliers.

Vehicle Storage & Transport (Bring My Car)

As part of our workshop and track day services we offer a track and race car storage solution, whereby your vehicle is securely stored at Donington Park. Our store and forward (Bring My Car) service will ensure the storage and safe arrival of your car at any event listed on our track day calendar. The cost of the storage is from £144 (including VAT) per calendar month. Storage contracts run per calendar year. As with our labour rate, discounts are available for our Platinum Members.

Our ‘Bring My Car’ service enables transportation of your vehicle to any UK BookaTrack track day (excluding Donington Park). The price for this is £200 (including VAT) for UK BookaTrack events, this price includes refuelling (fuel billed after event) and some shared mechanical support. At BookaTrack organised Donington Park track days you have two options when storing your car with us. Supported for £50 whereby your car is delivered to your garage, refuelled (fuel billed after event) and shared mechanical support is available. Unsupported is free of charge, but you must collect and return your car from / to our workshop and refuel yourself. When choosing the unsupported option any mechanical support required will be at our workshop, where the hourly labour rate applies. European track day car delivery price varies depending on distance from our workshop

If there are any dates you would like to attend that are not listed on our website, we are happy to deliver your car to these (with reasonable notice). Furthermore, if you are leaving a car with us that we are unable to service for any reason we can transport your car to or from a chosen location. In the above scenarios’ transportation costs are calculated on a per mile basis.

Following our acquisition by LNT Automotive (Ginetta) we are now able to store all marques of car at Donington Park. More details on our car storage can be found here

Bring My Wheels

A ‘Bring My Wheels’ service is available for track day clients who do not want to or are unable to transport their spare wheels to track days. For ‘Bring My Wheels’ we charge £30 per set of 4 wheels per event (£50 for European events). The service is easy to book on the website event booking page and includes:

• Secure storage of customer wheels
• Transport of customer wheels to their desired track day
• Tyre fitting at workshop (at additional cost)

Wheel storage is £360 per calendar year but free for Platinum Members.

Please note - we actually need to obtain your wheels in the first place - you can either bring them to a track day, or drop them off at our workshop! Please contact us to make arrangements.

We also have the ability to change tyres at our workshop. The cost of this is £12.50 per tyre up to 17". Tyres can be delivered to the workshop or taken to one of our track days.

Track Day Mechanical Services

If you are attending an event at Donington Park either organised by ourselves or a third party and have a mechanical problem with your car you are more than welcome to drop into our workshop to access our mechanical services.

Whilst at events away from Donington Park, the BaT truck is equipped with a large selection of tools and parts which may be required to support the track day community. Our aim is to, wherever possible, assist people who have suffered from some form of mechanical breakdown to get back onto the track as soon and as safely as possible. However, please note we do NOT offer a tool hire service but our staff are available to assist you at £72 (including VAT) per hour, subject to a minimum fee of £36 (including VAT).

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