Terms & Conditions

Do not book any event either via our website or by phone until you have satisfied yourself that you have read and are happy with our terms and conditions of business which are detailed below in full.


‘BookaTrack.com’ means BookaTrack.com Limited Registered in England with Company Number 04086675 and having its registered office at Helios 47 Isabella Road Leeds LS25 2DY and for the purposes of these terms and conditions includes its officers employees and agents.

‘Driver’ means the customer driver of any vehicle at an Event including any additional drivers.

‘You’ means the legal person paying or liable to pay to BookaTrack.com (i) the Event fees AND (ii) all and any sums in respect of damage and costs and any other fees and expenses arising out of or under or by virtue of this Agreement and ‘You’ includes the Driver even where the Event may have been purchased as a gift for the Driver by You and in any case and where applicable includes any third party of You howsoever related or connected to You. In the relevant context ‘You’ also means the purchaser of merchandise or tyres through BookaTrack.com.

‘BookaTrack.com Event’ means the event at which services paid for by You are intended to be or are provided to You and/or Driver. BookaTrack.com Event includes any and all of the BookaTrack.com track day drive options and/or BookaTrack.com services and/or BookaTrack.com track day car experiences and/or BookaTrack.com road safety and system of car control training and/or BookaTrack.com driver tuition services that may be provided by BookaTrack.com to You and/or the Driver.

‘BookaTrack.com Event Fees’ means the fee payable by You to BookaTrack.com in respect of the BookaTrack.com Event and includes any additional fees, liabilities including but not exclusively damage costs and costs arising and payable by You to BookaTrack.com or to any applicable third party.

Conditions Precedent

(i) These Terms and Conditions are deemed to and do hereby incorporate and are deemed to be and are hereby incorporated within all BookaTrack.com agreements, contracts, Track Car Hire Agreements and Track Day Declarations and all and any supplementary information published from time to time on the BookaTrack.com website and are a condition precedent of all and any contract and/or agreements made between You, the Driver and BookaTrack.com.

(ii) If You are making or make a BookaTrack.com Event booking for the benefit of a third party Driver You agree that you have made the Driver fully aware of these Terms and Conditions and in particular paragraphs 16 and 17 and 24 below.

Booking, Payment, Refunds and Cancellations of BookaTrack.com Events

1. Provisional bookings do not guarantee or howsoever confirm participation in any BookaTrack.com Event unless or until all BookaTrack.com Event Fees have been paid in full to BookaTrack.com. All bookings are web based and BookaTrack.com does not accept written paper bookings.

2. A provisional booking will only be confirmed as an actual booking when BookaTrack.com has received payment in full and as cleared funds from You of the BookaTrack.com Event fee in the BookaTrack.com bank account. VAT invoices are automatically despatched by web service (email) upon receipt of payment as cleared funds and accordingly the accurate completion of invoicing details and the provision of a valid effective email address are Your responsibility.

3. BookaTrack.com Events are sold as actual bookings on a first-come-first-served basis.

4. It is possible that a BookaTrack.com Event may be cancelled for reasons beyond the control of BookaTrack.com. If that occurs then regardless of when or how that occurs You agree that BookaTrack.com cannot be held liable for any loss or expense incurred by You. If such a cancellation occurs then BookaTrack.com will use its reasonable endeavours to try and compensate You in the form of an alternative BookaTrack.com Event subject to these General Terms and Conditions or a credit note valid for 12 months from the date of issue but no refunds will be given.

5. Bookings cancelled by You more than 28 calendar days before the date of the BookaTrack.com Event will be entitled to a refund of the BookaTrack.com Event Fees paid minus a 10% administration charge.

6. Bookings cancelled by You between 7 and 28 calendar days before the date of the BookaTrack.com Event will be entitled to a refund of the BookaTrack.com Event Fees paid minus a 20% administration charge.

7. Bookings cancelled by You less than 7 days before the BookaTrack.com Event are not entitled to any refund unless the booked space can be re-sold in which case BookaTrack.com will effect a credit to You minus a 20% administration charge.

8. Actual Bookings are not transferrable between BookaTrack.com Events. In the event whereby credit notes are issued as an alternative to a refund, these credit notes expire after 12 months. Once a credit note has been issued it cannot be refunded.


9. Prices of BookaTrack.com Event Fees shown on the BookaTrack.com website are indicative prices only and may and will vary according to the detail of the level and type of BookaTrack.com services to be provided to You at a BookaTrack.com Event. BookaTrack.com reserves the right to vary prices at any time without prior notice save that the price of an Actual Booking will not be subject to increase in the BookaTrack.com Event Fee after payment as cleared funds. The advertised and payable price of a BookaTrack.com Event may alter depending on the number of places remaining for that Event. It is a principle of BookaTrack.com Events that the earlier an Actual Booking is made the lower the Fee payable by You for the Event.

BookaTrack.com Event Regulations

10. All Drivers must produce evidence of holding a current EU driving licence and must sign the BookaTrack.com Driver Indemnity Form and/or Track Day Declaration when signing on at the BookaTrack.com Event. A copy of the Driver Indemnity document /Track Day Declaration is available on the BookaTrack.com website. No Driver can participate who does not conform to this Condition. The BookaTrack.com Driver Indemnity document is a constituent material part of these General Terms and Conditions. You agree that and You understand that any participation in an event or driving on a race track constitutes a potentially hazardous activity and You have volunteered to take part in the BookaTrack.com Event at entirely Your own risk.

11. BookaTrack.com does accept Bookings in respect of junior drivers [defined as a driver under the age of 17 at the date of the relevant BookaTrack.com Event] but in all such cases the Junior Driver MUST (1) be the holder of an MSA Junior Race Licence and (2) MUST have a Grade A or Grade S ARDS instructor in the passenger seat of the driven car at all times and (3) MUST only drive at the Event a car of the type that the junior driver is eligible to race under the terms of their MSA Junior Race Licence and (4) a Parent or other legally responsible adult of the junior driver must sign the BookaTrack.com Driver Indemnity Form by way of countersignature of the junior driver. Where the countersignatory is not a Parent then written evidence of the permission of a Parent must be provided to the entire satisfaction of BookaTrack.com.

12. BookaTrack.com reserves the right to terminate any Driver’s participation in an BookaTrack.com Event if in the opinion of BookaTrack.com the Driver is unsuitable mentally or physically or by presenting in inappropriate dress to commence or continue participation in the BookaTrack.com Event or in the event of any damage to BookaTrack.com property, or to any vehicle or component of any vehicle or to the property of any third party or of the venue. In such circumstances no refund will be made.

13. All Drivers must wear crash helmets conforming to current FIA/MSA Regulations. The validity of all Driver crash helmets and safety equipment is a matter entirely for the responsibility of the Driver and/or Parent in relation to a junior driver but BookaTrack.com reserves the right to refuse permission to take part in a BookaTrack.com Event if it is considered that safety equipment is inadequate and in such cases the decision of BookaTrack.com in relation to any Driver own helmet will be final. All Drivers must have covered arms and legs at all times when driving or as a passenger to an instructor. Driver must when driving remove any facial jewellery [eg ear rings, nose-rings] on grounds of safety. No hand held cameras (or camera phones) are permitted. Any on board cameras must be securely mounted using appropriate equipment.

14. If you are using your own vehicle at a BookaTrack.com Event then it is only permitted to use road tyres unless fitted with MSA approved type roll-over protection. If a Caterham type vehicle then it must have a full FIA approved roll-cage and if a saloon or hatchback car then it must have a half or full roll-cage. It is Driver’s responsibility to ensure that adequate properly affixed towing eyes are securely mounted and easily accessible. BookaTrack.com will not be responsible for any damage howsoever occasioned to any Driver own vehicle in the course of recovery of it [ie but not exclusively from a gravel trap].

15. Any vehicle provided by You for participation in an BookaTrack.com event must either have a current MOT Certificate and which must be produced or on your own declaration be capable of passing MSA scrutineering. You confirm that the car provided by You and driven at the event will at all times comply with the noise limits applicable to the BookaTrack.com Event as published by BookaTrack.com. The suitability and safety of any vehicle provided by You is entirely a matter for You but BookaTrack.com reserves the right to terminate the participation in a BookaTrack.com Event if it is considered that the vehicle You present is at any time unsuitable and in such cases the decision of BookaTrack.com is final and no refund will be given to You in respect of any vehicle rejected by BookaTrack.com. Where a booking is made involving a single driver, any number of vehicles can be used on-track at no additonal cost. However, bookings involving multiple drivers are limited to one vehicle only. BookaTrack.com do not allow the use of more than one vehicle on the same day, nor is it permitted to swap stickers between vehicles.

16. You will pay to BookaTrack.com forthwith on demand and as a debt the full cost of all and any damage occasioned by Driver to any vehicle (including all and any components of it) provided to You by BookaTrack.com at an BookaTrack.com Event except where any provable manifest failure of the vehicle occurs and which directly causes the damage arising. Fair wear and tear to tyres is excluded from this liability. The obligation created under this paragraph 16 includes the obligation for You to pay to BookaTrack.com all and any legal costs, fees and expenses arising from enforcement of the terms of contract. Refer to paragraph 24 below.

17. You are financially liable for all and any damage caused to circuit property. Refer to paragraph 24 below.

18. Driver must attend the BookaTrack.com Event drivers’ safety briefing and cannot take part until that has occurred.

19. Timing and competitive driving is forbidden for track days

20. For test days and race meetings a current MSA race licence is required.

21. Drivers who cause an unreasonable number of stoppages of a BookaTrack.com Event may be excluded and no refund will be given; the decision of BookaTrack.com is final.

22. Aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any BookaTrack.com personnel or any other person at a BookaTrack.com event will result in termination of the event for You. No refund will be given and the decision of BookaTrack.com is final.

23. You should be aware that Driver breaking the BookaTrack.com Regulations and any track rules may invalidate any track-day insurance You hold.

24. You are not insured by BookaTrack.com when driving on track for any damage to person or property except for damage to a car hired from BookaTrack.com by You. When a car is hired by You an excess is payable by You in the sum shown in the table below. The excess is doubled for a driver under 21 years of age (on the date of the BookaTrack.com Event) and this excess applies in respect of each and every Claim unless you have purchased excess waiver from BookaTrack.com.
Vehicle Standard Excess Excess for Under-21's
Caterham Roadsport / R300 £3,000 (three thousand pounds sterling) £3,000 (three thousand pounds sterling)
Ginetta G40 GRDC £3,000 (three thousand pounds sterling) £3,000 (three thousand pounds sterling)
Ginetta G40 GT5 £3,000 (three thousand pounds sterling) £3,000 (three thousand pounds sterling)

Participation by You in any BookaTrack.com Event is entirely at your and/or Driver risk to the full extent permitted by law. Where applicable you must as a condition of participation provide to BookaTrack.com a pre-authorisation of a credit card for an amount limited to £3,000 [three thousand pounds sterling] to cover any possible claim arising in relation to damage and/or insurance policy excess. Any such pre-authorisation will be destroyed at the end of the BookaTrack.com Event provided that no liability attaches to You arising out of the BookaTrack.com Event under the provisions of these terms and conditions.

25. BookaTrack.com reserves the right to use images of You in any media including the worldwide web for its own publicity purposes and You agree that no fee is payable to You.

26. BookaTrack.com does not buy or sell data and any data collected is only used for statistical analysis and communicating with You about our own products and services and carefully selected associated businesses. You give your consent to this use of your data.

27. You agree that we communicate with you by any means BookaTrack.com considers effective including but not exclusively e mail, website messages, post and SMS messaging.

28. Minimum age of Driver is 17 at the date of the BookaTrack.com Event subject only to paragraph 11 of these Conditions.

29. There are no physical restrictions on Driver but it is Your responsibility to be satisfied at the time of making any booking that the Driver will be accommodated by the physical limitations of the car to be used at the Event.

30. If Driver puts a BookaTrack.com provided car into a gravel trap this will incur a cleaning charge of £50 and You agree that You will pay this forthwith on demand as a debt before leaving the BookaTrack.com Event.

31. If a vehicle provided by BookaTrack.com breaks down and cannot be repaired or substituted for that BookaTrack.com Event then BookaTrack.com will provide You with a credit for use at an alternative subsequent BookaTrack.com Event. The value of the credit will be proportional to the amount of the BookaTrack.com Event that has elapsed at the point of such breakdown. No refunds will be paid.

32. In the event that You purchase through BookaTrack.com additional Event services such as accommodation, vehicle or personal transportation or ferries then it is Agreed between You and BookaTrack.com that BookaTrack.com is not responsible to You for the actual provision of the relevant services and has no control over nor responsibility for any defect in the standard of or actual provision of the relevant service(s) to You and that any redress in respect of such services is a matter entirely between You and the service provider. Such additional services are invoiced to You only at cost price to BookaTrack.com.

Website sales of merchandise and tyres

33. Selection of the correct size of any merchandise clothing and tyres is entirely your responsibility. Refunds will only be made by BookaTrack.com in circumstances where (1) BookaTrack.com has supplied or has caused the supply of goods to You otherwise than in conformity with the order placed by You and (2) provided that you return the goods within 7 days of the date of delivery to You at your cost to BookaTrack.com or as directed by BookaTrack.com and that on return the goods are in unused and as new condition. Provided that the foregoing is complied with then BookaTrack.com will refund the provable cost of delivery back to BookaTrack.com or as directed by BookaTrack.com and on acceptance of the returned goods as being in conformity with Your obligations.

34. Condition 33 does not affect your statutory rights in respect of any goods supplied by BookaTrack.com which are proved to be defective. BookaTrack.com reserves the right to replace any defective goods as an alternative to refund and in the event of any supply of defective goods then You agree that You will return the goods at your cost in conformity with Condition 33 but subject to BookaTrack.com thereafter paying to You the actual cost of that return delivery.

35 These General Terms and Conditions and the documents and information referred to in them are the only terms and conditions that apply between us and no variation is valid unless signed in writing by an officer of BookaTrack.com. You agree that these terms and conditions are reasonable. These terms and conditions are governed exclusively by English law and the English Courts. You agree that BookaTrack.com is not and cannot be held liable for any event occurring outside its reasonable control.

Third Party Bookings

36. If You book a third party event (trackday or test day or race meeting not organised by BookaTrack.com) via the BookaTrack.com website the above terms and conditions apply.

37. BookaTrack.com have no operational control over third party events and any operational concerns should be communicated to the event organiser. BookaTrack.com do not extend the no queues guarantee to third party events.

Track Car Hire

38. When you hire one of our cars you get exclusive use of the car all day (i.e. you will not be sharing it with anybody else). You are guaranteed use of the car for at least 20 minutes out of each hour the circuit is open. Depending on weather, track conditions and driving standards, time in the car is often unrestricted.

39. Accidents: In the event of an accident the excess liability is always with the driver and not the purchaser - all drivers must sign an agreement to this effect. This excess is paid in advance in the form of a credit card authorisation, which will then be destroyed at the end of an incident free day. Please see point 24 above.

40. Instruction: A session of instruction per driver is included in the price. You must add the instruction at the time of booking to ensure availability. We also reserve the right to enforce further chargeable tuition should the standard of driving or level of experience necessitate so.

41. Breakdowns: In the event of any incident that effectively makes THE CAR unusable, NO refund will be given. Please refer to point 31 above regarding mechanical breadowns due to no driver / hirer error. Where fault is disputed in this instance, the opinion of an agreed independent assessor will be taken as final as to where the fault lies.

42. Engine Damage: All cars are fitted with a tell-tale instrument to measure peak engine revs. If the engine revs exceed 7600rpm a charge is incurred of £100 per 100rpm up to a maximum of the excess stated above. Please note that under normal driving it is not possible to over-rev the car (e.g. you cannot "drive through" the rev limiter). However, it is possible to change into the wrong gear and hence over-rev the engine through using momentum of the car.

43. Gravel Trap Damage: Please refer to point 30 above.

44. Age Restrictions: All drivers must be 17 or over with a full road licence. Please refer to point 24 above for excess conditions. Unfortunately we do not allow junior drivers (regardless of race licences held) in our rental cars.

45. Physical Restrictions: There are no physical restrictions for driving our Caterhams. However, drivers over 6'2" tall or over 16 stone may struggle to drive a standard car as cockpit space is limited. Conversely, drivers under 5'8" are unlikely to be able to drive the larger 'SV' models as the pedalbox is significantly longer.

46. BookaTrack.com reserve the right to refuse access to the cars to any person not deemed safe to drive, or behaving in a competitive or aggressive manner. Additionally, we reserve the right to downgrade your booking to a car of lower-performance if we feel your level of experience is not suitable for the car you have booked. In this instance a pro-rata refund will be issued which reflects the difference in prices paid.

Platinum Membership Package

47. Platinum Membership gives you access to any BookaTrack.com Ltd run event listed on the calendar page of the website.

48. The fee does not include car hire or any third party events listed on the BookaTrack.com Ltd website.

49. The fee does not include any merchandise, mechanical support or accommodation listed on the BookaTrack.com Ltd website.

50. Events can either be booked in the usual way via the website and will be manually confirmed by BookaTrack.com Ltd or bookings can be made by emailing info@bookatrack.com with your chosen event(s).

51. Each booking includes a garage reservation at all circuits where garage facilities are available. If you would like to reserve a garage please note this must be done 48 hours before a UK event and one week before a European track day.

52. The package includes a download of pictures taken of your car during the event. These will be unlocked after the track day and can be downloaded from the ‘My BaT Pics’ section of the website.

53. The purchaser must attend the event for it to be included as part of the package.

54. The purchaser can bring along a guest as an additional driver to any event and an unlimited number of passengers, as long as no fee has been paid by either party i.e. drives or passenger rides are not being sold on a commercial basis.

55. Cancellation of scheme can be done at anytime and notification of cancellation must be made by email. Refunds are made minus full price for any days attended and then subject to a 10% admin fee.

56. Members who have attended fewer than 10 events are automatically entitled to a 20% discount off membership the following year.

Storage, Transport and Maintenance Service

57. Storage is subject to a minimum period of 12 months, payable in advance, in full.

58. For UK track events we require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to guarantee we can prepare and transport your car. For EU track events, or events where we have a large number of cars to be transported, we may contact you and request additional notice.

59. Transport to any of the UK events listed on our website is charged at £150+VAT (£180). This includes all of the BaT events and any of the third party events listed on our public track day calendar. Transport must be booked and paid for in advance via the website and is subject to the admin fees shown above if cancelled. Transport to any event or location not listed on our website is chargeable on a per-mile basis, for the first 50 miles a charge of £150+VAT. Any excess miles are charged at the prevailing rate - currently £2+VAT (£2.40) per mile.

60. To maintain our reputation and to ensure the car is presented to our exacting standards, we will carry out a minimum 2-hour prep prior to each track event - chargeable at our normal labour rate of £60+VAT (£72) per hour. Our hourly labour rate is discounted to £50+VAT (£60) for Platinum Members. This includes a spanner check, fluid check, brake and tyre check and a basic clean. Any additional mechanical or cleaning work required (for example removing gravel from cockpit or sills) is chargeable at the relevant hourly rate.

61. Where a member of the BaT workshop team is present on a track event, we will refuel the car for you free of charge and any fuel used is invoiced after the event at the pump rate plus a nominal handling fee of 10p including VAT per litre.

62. To ensure consistency in the quality of the cars we are presenting and maximise the revenue from our resources and the facility at Donington Park, cars stored with BaT can only be serviced, repaired and maintained by BaT. Any parts fitted the cars must be purchased from BaT (unless BaT are unable to supply the required parts). BaT will never charge more than the RRP for any official Caterham parts supplied.

Car on European Track Day