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Are you apprehensive about driving on track? Or concerned about your level of track driving experience? welcomes newcomers, seasoned enthusiasts and race licence holders alike. We enjoy seeing drivers improve from event to event and enjoy not only the quality track time we provide but the social atmosphere in the paddock.

Our emphasis is not on the quantity of track time available but on the quality. Whilst we may not be the cheapest track day and car hire provider we believe the low-number of bookings we take on the days we organise ensures we offer excellent value for money. Essentially, the fewer cars you are sharing the track with, the more you must expect to pay for the track time.

If you're new to track days or BookaTrack - have a look through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below. If you have a query that is not answered here by all means contact us.

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Track Days

What is a track day?
A track day is a non-competitive event held at a motor racing circuit or other suitable venue. Track days defined as motor-leisure and are for drivers of all road and race cars.

What do I need to attend a track day?
Drivers must have a current UK driving licence (or overseas equivalent). We do allow junior drivers to participate on our track days but they must have the necessary MSA race licence and have an ARDS (grade A or S) instructor in the car with them at all times when out on track. Junior drivers must also have a parent / guardian with them and meet the vehicle restrictions detailed in our terms and conditions.

Anybody going out on track must have covered arms and legs and a helmet (full or open face). Helmets are mandatory for drivers and passengers at all times and we recommend that helmets are of one of the standards listed in section 10.3.1 of the MSA Blue Book:-

If you need to reserve a helmet you can do so for both yourself and your passenger on the event booking form. We also recommend that you wear suitable shoes (i.e. soft, thin sole). If you are in an open car or one of our rental Caterhams it is advisable to bring waterproof clothing.

What happens if there is an accident?
Although a trackday is generally a very safe environment to explore the limits of your car and driving, in reality accidents can and sadly do happen. In the event of an accident fully qualified marshals, medics and recovery staff are quickly on hand to assess the situation and clear the incident as quickly and safely as possible.

Having said that we are very strict with drivers who we believe are driving in a manner which could cause harm to others. You will get one warning and one warning ONLY. If you do not calm down it's an early shower. The organisers decision is final. We endeavour to do absolutely everything possible to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and spectators. Whilst track days are an opportunity for you to get the maximum out of your car it is important you drive within your ability and the rules that are set on the day and according to the conditions.

How is the day run?
At the start of the day registration takes place where you and any guests need to obtain a sticker for your car and a wristband by handing in a completed disclaimer. There will then be a safety briefing that all drivers must attend where the rules for the event will be communicated. Once the driving begins the first 30 minutes are usually dedicated to sighting laps where drivers follow an instructor car around the track slowly to familiarise themselves with the circuit. Open pit lane driving then begins. Please be aware that if you wish to participate in the sighting laps you must arrive in time for the first briefing of the day.

What if I arrive late?
If you arrive after the briefing has started you will not be allowed in as we have to run closed door briefings. There is always a late briefing one hour after the scheduled one so you will need to wait for this. If you arrive after this point the longest you will have to wait for a briefing is 30 minutes. If it is your first time at the venue it is important that you do arrive for the start of the day in order to participate in the sighting laps.

How much track time will I get?
We pride ourselves on offering as much quality track time as you and your car can fit in. We obviously recommend that you take regular breaks from track driving during the course of the day, so that you do not get too tired or risk your car breaking down. We also have a no queues guarantee that means with the exception of the start of the day, just after lunch and after a stoppage you can be assured not to have to queue to get out on track.

What is 'open pit lane'?
Open pit lane is when cars can go out as and when they like rather than in an allotted time slot. The majority of our track days are now open pit lane as this is the most popular format. Whilst there are drivers of different abilities out on track the rules we have in place ensure everybody enjoys quality track time. As we do not limit the amount of time you are out on track we recommend that you go out for 15 - 20 minutes at a time.

Is instruction available?
Yes we have professional ARDS instructors available at all of our track days. Our event booking system allows you to select and instructor and time slots. Each instruction booking includes one AM and one PM session. For details on some of our instructors please visit our instruction page.


How are speed differentials controlled ?
The driving and overtaking rules we have in place ensure that drivers of differing abilities can participate together. It is important that all drivers regardless of experience and ability are observant and courteous at all times. If you have a quicker driver wanting to get past you, it is important to let them past at the safest opportunity. Quicker drivers must be patient and wait for consent to pass the slower driver.

Driving standards are enforced throughout the course of the day and any drivers not following the rules will be removed from the circuit.

What is the charge for additional drivers?
Additional drivers in your car are charged at £50 each. Additional drivers in our rental cars are charged at £100 each.

Do I need to show my driving licence?
You must always bring your driving license although you may not automatically have to show it. At all MSV venues (Brands Hatch, Oulton Park, Snetterton, Cadwell Park and Bedford Autodrome) you will need to show your licence to a circuit official at sign-on. If the event takes place on a Saturday DVLA calls can only be made until 12pm. For Sunday and Bank Holiday track days the DVLA are not open and if you do not have your licence you will not be able to participate. If you know you will not be in procession of your licence for a weekend or Bank Holiday track day please contact us so we can complete the check in advance.

Do I need an MSA race licence?
On some days we run before race meetings we may ask for a race licence to be shown. However on a normal track day they cannot be produced as a substitute for a UK driving license.


What modifications must I make to my car?
None - assuming your car is roadworthy (i.e. has an MOT). If your car is not road legal it should be a race car that is being scruitineered in a current race series.

What are the noise restrictions?
Most of the circuits we visit have different noise restrictions, and some even have different levels for different track days. You can visit the calendar and venues page for a clearer idea of what the limit is for a specific venue. Typically non-modified road cars will pass noise restrictions in place at the majority of circuits. However, the forms of testing vary depending on the planning restrictions in place at the circuit. Also circuits do not calibrate their testing equipment so passing at one venue will not guarantee a pass at all of them.

What sort of tyre wear can I expect?
Obviously this will depend on both the weather and your driving style. In the rain it will be difficult to wear out a set of tyres regardless of how much sliding you do. In the dry however, especially on an abrasive surface it is best to budget for a set of tyres every 2-3 track days.

What about fuel?
High performance driving dramatically increases the fuel consumption of your vehicle. Even if you arrive with a full tank, you will probably need to fill up on the way home. Vehicles with small tanks and/or naturally high consumption levels may even need a fill during the day. Check our venues pages for details of nearby petrol stations or on-site facilities.

What type of car can I bring?
Anything as long as it's either road-legal (with MOT) or a race car capable of passing MSA scrutineering. All cars must also have 4 wheels and have covered wheel arches if running on track with other road cars (i.e. no open-wheel formula cars allowed on open pit lane events).

Passengers and Spectators

What is the minimum age for passengers?
All passengers must be 16 years old or over. Passengers aged 16-18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who must counter-sign their disclaimer.

What is the charge for passengers?
Passengers are charged at £10 each and are required to sign our disclaimer and obtain a wristband. All drivers should ensure that their passenger is wearing a wristband. Passengers must also have covered arms and legs when out on the track.

What is the charge for spectators?
There is no charge for spectating, but we do ask that you make yourself known to us and sign the disclaimer if you are entering the pit lane.

Car Hire

What if I don’t have a car to drive?
We have spent a number of years building up a fleet of arrive and drive Caterhams that can be rented. These are available at all of our track days plus events organised by a few carefully selected third party organisers. Hire fees vary but include VAT, fuel and consumables, ARDS instruction, exclusive use of the car, mechanical support and insurance (subject to excess).

Is the track day fee included in the car hire price?
No you must add the track day fee to the cost of hiring a Caterham. The car hire fee is listed on the booking form. Once you add the booking to your shopping basket this will show the total cost

How many drivers can share a Caterham?
Additional drivers are charged at £100 each. We do not cap the number of drivers in the Caterhams. However, we do recommend a maximum of 3 - 4 drivers (2 – 3 for evening sessions) so track time isn’t compromised.

How much time can we expect in the car?
We expect the cars to have between 15 and 20 minutes rest time per hour. How you use the rest of this track time is up to you. However, if you book a sessioned track day you will be limited to the track time you have purchased.

How much instruction is included?
For a full day hire 2 x 20 minute sessions per driver (1 x AM and 1 x PM) are included in the hire fee. However, it is important that you book this instruction via the website. The online booking system means you can book the time and instructor of your choice. If you haven’t pre-booked a session of instruction we cannot guarantee our availability on the day.

What is the excess liability?
The total excess liability for your hire depends on the car you have hired. Excess amounts start from £2500 when you hire a Caterham Academy or R300. The excess amount is charged when damage is caused to the car you have hired. If the damage is less than the excess amount we only charge you how much it costs to repair the car. All the details of the excess can be found in the car hire agreement which can be found on the ‘bookings’ page once you have made payment. Our standard procedure in the event that damage is caused to a car is the full amount is charged on the day and a refund made for any difference once a quotation has been prepared.

For larger groups and corporate bookings we recommend you take the corporate pricing option which is a per head rather than a per car charge. This pricing has no excess liability and an instructor in the car at all times.


Are garages available?
This depends on the venue. Check out the venues page for information on what facilities are available at each circuit. If garages are available, they can be reserved on the event booking form. If there is no option on the booking form, then garages cannot be reserved.

Do BaT charge for garages?
Yes, but the cost varies depending on the venue. Should you wish to reserve a garage you can do this at a cost of between £40 and £100, although some European venues can be significantly more expensive. Please do not enter a garage that has been reserved for another participant.

BaT Pics

Is photography available?
Professional motorsport photographers attend all of our events and will take pictures of you and your car. These can be viewed at the track day or after the event. As the photographs are integrated into your online account, low-res images can be viewed online. Photographs can be purchased in the form of online download, USB or CD rom.

Can I take pictures on the day?
Yes, but only from spectator areas unless you have the adequate public liability insurance and a media pass at the circuit. BookaTrack have sole commercial rights to sell pictures on our track days. If you want to publish pictures bought from us, you must credit Ltd.


How can I find out about future events?
We send out an email newsletter once a month which has details of upcoming events. We are extremely conscious of not spamming members so do not send out any other mass emails. However, we do regularly update our facebook and twitter pages for any BaT members wishing for more frequent updates.

How can I get in touch with another member?
BookaTrack cannot give out data for another registered member. However, we do have an integrated mail system on the website (batmail) so you can message other members.

How do BookaTrack communicate with me if an event in cancelled?
We occasionally have to cancel track days due to circumstances beyond our control such as poor weather conditions. In these circumstances we communicate with you via email and text messaging. Therefore it is important that all your contact details are current.


Is insurance mandatory?
No, we do not require that our customers are insured as unlike on the road it is not illegal to run without insurance. Often track day regulars do not insure their cars. However, for those looking for total peace of mind we recommend you investigate insurance to cover any mishaps on track.

Will my road insurance policy cover me on track days?
No, not necessarily, but it is definitely worth checking with your insurance company. Some car insurance companies will add track day cover to your policy for a small premium.

Where can I get track day insurance and how does it work?
Track day insurance will not affect your road insurance in any way but is limited to damage sustained to your own vehicle and does not include personal injury or third party liability. Click here for details of where you can purchase track day insurance.

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