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Welcome to our BaT Member of the Month blog. This month we feature two of our regular members, husband and wife team Giles and Linzi Roadnight. Both Giles and Linzi are two of our platinum members and good friends of the BaT team. Many of you will have no doubt heard about their prestigious stance as our 'No.1a and No.1b' Platinum Members, so let's find out more about them.

The Roadnights have been enjoying track days with BaT since 2009, when after sampling a few different track days they decided to try BookaTrack for a day at Rockingham. It was obviously a good day as they soon came back for more.

In 2010 the pair decided to explore our European adventures, and joined us at the Nurburgring to help celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Later the same year we were fortunate enough to see them once more, this time on our annual November Spa getaway.

As 2010 came to a close the track day bug had really embedded itself in their skin. "At the end of the year Linzi and I were planning to buy a pack of days. Literally a day or two before we finalised it, the platinum membership offer came through from BaT and we immediately signed up ready for 2011," said Giles.

One of the exciting features of the BaT website is it keeps a tally on the number of events our members have done with us. By the end of 2015 Giles and Linzi will have completed 98 BaT track days.

Although the figure stands at 98 with BaT, between them Giles and Linzi have completed more than that in total. A number of other track days early on, combined with multiple days amassing over 100 laps of the Nordschleife on public days has amounted to an impressive figure.

So, what machine has led them to this amount? There have been many four-wheeled mistresses in Giles' life, but the pair have always had a love for German engineering, as you will see from their track day car history.

Their early track day romance was enjoyed from the driving seats of a BMW Z4M and an E92 M3. In more recent years, their BMW love was replaced with a Porsche 997 GT3, which accompanied them not only to UK circuits, but also to Spa on a number of occasions. With the decision made to move on once more, Giles decided it was time to sample one of the BaT Caterham R300 cars.

For the last two years, Linzi has decided to watch from the side lines, while Giles enjoys himself in a Caterham, and we think he's happy with his decision. "I have been hiring Caterhams from BaT for two years now and in that time have probably driven an R300 30 to 40 times. I wouldn't go back to driving anything else," he said.

After being behind the wheel of BMW's and a Porsche for much of his track day career, what made Giles want to make the switch? In his own words, he said: "I have wanted to try it for a while as it was such a simple driving experience, being lightweight with such good feedback. Along with wanting to try the experience, I was getting frustrated with having to look after my own track car and having to drive it to and from the track".

"Turning up at the track and having a car ready and waiting for you is so much better. The platinum membership included the opportunity to try out the 'Caterham Arrive and Drive' service before we sold our track car, presenting the ideal opportunity."

Having driven numerous cars on track it's difficult to avoid making comparisons. Although the power between say the Porsche and Caterham is somewhat different, Giles is confident he hasn't missed that once. He acknowledges the driving experience is so much more involved and enjoyable that you don't need 400 BHP.

Giles' life in the fast lane differs to that of his 'real life'. In the real world he is a Computer Programmer, and for the last eight years or so has worked for various financial institutions in Canary Wharf.

In his spare time, he is a keen cyclist and pedals to and from work each day. He has also managed to combine his two hobbies, by taking his bike along to several track days to ride many of the circuits in the lunch break. Occasionally, the BaT staff join in, which has led to the creation of a Top Gear style lap time board, not that we're competitive.

One final comment from Giles himself: "I am very lucky to have such a supportive wife that not only lets me do these track days, but also comes along with me. The only reason she enjoys doing this is because the track days are as much a social get together for us as they are a track day. This is because the BaT staff are such a friendly bunch and have become really good friends of ours. The only problem is that I spend too much time chatting rather than on track driving the car."

We still have a few events left for this year, but we look forward to seeing Giles and Linzi again in 2016, as they push for that illusive 100 BaT track days accolade.

If you are interested in our Platinum membership, please contact us for more information.

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Leanne Fahy
Marketing & PR
30 October 2015

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