Association of Track Day Organisers (ATDO)

ATDO was set up in 1999 to represent the interests of both the UK car and motorcycle track day industry. Non-competitive driving events have grown during this period both in terms of number of days being organised and volume of participants. ATDO’s focus has been on promoting safety standards for participants through its code of practice that all members agree to when joining. Furthermore the organisation has supported members by effectively dealing with problems that arise for track day organisers; such as the provision of insurance and fair competition within the track day industry.

By choosing an ATDO member the track day participant can guarantee the organiser of the day has agreed to meet a code of conduct. This code of conduct covers areas including the organisers commercial reputation, safety standards, operating procedures and minimum insurance requirements. Furthermore if a participant believes an organiser has fallen short of the code of conduct there is a complaints procedure in place to offer support. Another benefit of using an ATDO member is that some insurance policies for track offer a discount or additional cover when using a member organisation. Ltd and the ATDO

BookaTrack founders Jonny & Sarah Leroux have both served time on the ATDO Board of Directors with Jonny Leroux currently a Director. This has not only helped build an excellent network of contacts for the business but a have an influence on safety standards and operating procedures within the track day industry.

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