Track Day Rental

Caterham R300 hire for individuals or groups includes insurance subject to £2500 excess. Rent the car with a mate and split the cost.

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Corporate Events

Use our track prepared cars for your corporate driving event with full insurance, an instructor per car, prize-giving and catering. Priced on a per head basis.

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The Details

How does it work

Our unique mobile service means we can provide track driving experiences across the UK and Europe to suit most requirements, from individual bookings to groups and corporate hospitality events.

  • Arrive & drive at 30+ venues across Europe.
  • All-inclusive pricing with no hidden costs.
  • Hire of our cars is exclusive - you don't share it with anyone else during the day.
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Individual/Group Pricing

Individual and group bookings can be made on-line by selecting your chosen car from the drop down box on the event booking page.

  • Prices include VAT (where applicable), all fuel and consumables.
  • Price includes insurance up to the full value of the car subject to an excess.
  • The hire also includes a free session of ARDS instruction per driver for Caterham hire and a full day for the Academy hire
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The Cars

The current BaT fleet comprises 15 x Caterham Sevens, including Academy, Roadsport, R300 and 620R models in both standard (series 3) and the wider series 5 (SV) chassis configuration. The Caterham 7 Superlight is arguably the finest Caterham ever built. With a 180bhp Duratec engine mounted to a super-sweet 6-speed gearbox, those all important kilos have been lost from the standard Roadsport Caterhams, leaving a car that weighs just 500kg. With a perfect balance of power and handling this bantamweight can outrun the supercars in a straight line, and leave them for dead round the corners.

Caterham Academy

Entry-level Caterham race car - aimed at novices/first timers. 125bhp from a 1.6 Ford Sigma engine mounted to a 5-speed Mazda gearbox.

  • All rentals include an instructor for the full day.
  • Tillett race seats and 4-point harnesses.
  • The cars run the Academy control race tyre which is a 13" Avon CR322 road tyre.

Caterham Roadsport CDX

Mainly used for the drift & slalom gift experience events, we also rent our Roadsport CDX cars for track day hire.

  • Leather seats, windscreen harnesses.
  • FIA roll bar rather than full race car (for ease of access).
  • The cars run 15" road tyres.
  • ..

Caterham Superlight R300

All our cars are mechanically identical, having the 2.0L Ford Duratec engine mounted to the Caterham 6-speed gearbox.

  • Limited slip differentials for increased traction.
  • Uprated AP front brakes, Tillett race seats and 4-point harnesses.
  • The cars run the control race all-weather tyre which is a 13" Avon CR500/ZZS.
  • The SV model (BAT 9 & 10) have the larger chassis to accommodate taller and broader drivers (over 6' 2").

Caterham 620R

2.0L Ford Duratec engine with a supercharger and intercooler to boost the power to an insane 310bhp, fitted to a 6-speed Sadev sequential gearbox.

  • Limited slip differentials for increased traction.
  • Uprated AP front brakes, Tillett race seats and 4-point harnesses.
  • The cars run the dry R300 race tyre which is a 13" Avon ZZR.
  • The SV model (BAT x) is built on a larger chassis to accommodate taller and broader drivers (over 6' 2").

The Costs

The price for hiring one of our cars varies significantly according to the venue, event format and time of year. To check pricing for a specific event, click HERE to view the calendar and then click 'BOOK' next to the event you are interested in attending. The cost of the car hire will be shown as well as the availability for each car. Please note that 2nd drivers are charged at £100 each when renting one of our cars.

The cost shown should be added to the track day fee to arrive at an all inclusive price.

As an indication, the table below shows the typical cost of hiring one of our cars.

Don't forget to add the cost of the track day to the prices below to arrive at an all-inclusive price for the day.

The prices include:

• All fuel and consumables
• Full Insurance subject to excess (£2500 Caterham R300 / Academy, £5000 Caterham 620R, £7500 GT3)
• Exclusive use of the cars all day
• VAT at current rate (where applicable - European events do not attract UK VAT)
• Tuition from ARDS registered instructors (two x 20 min sessions for Caterham R300 hire and full day for Caterham Academy hire)
• Full spares package including a spare Caterham R300 in the event of mechanical failure
• Dedicated staff member to offer support with harnesses, refuelling etc

Actual prices may vary according to availability so please check the calendar page for special offers.
Model UK List Price
UK Winter Price
EU Events & Brands Hatch GP Evening Session
(3 Hours)
see note 1
Caterham Academy £750 £750 £1295 £295
Caterham Roadsport CDX £750 £750 £1295 £295
Caterham R300/R300 SV £750 £650 £1295 £295
Caterham 620R/620R SV £1295 £1150 £1795 £495

1 Evening sessions at Donington Park and Brands Hatch Indy only.

For a full list of terms and conditions of hire, please refer to the Terms and Conditions page.
Car on European Track Day